NF002 Electrorites – The Rebirth Incl. remixes by Andreas Florin and Deh-Noizer

Release date:
23th February 2012

Catalog No.: NF002

Feedback Report:

Sebastian Groth: Boom, 2nd release, 2nd fat release!!! Hard to pin a fav, all tracks are fat. Full support
Albert Kraner: great work!!full support
Dr. Hoffmann: Bunch of great tracks. Will try them out. thanks
Deh-Noizer: Welcome to the Nightmare Factory !! Here’s the second release by Electrorites.. This will kick your ass
Dubfire: downloading for Dubfire,thanks!
Monocraft: Huge EP!!!
Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Tosi: Great stuff again will be played, thyank you
Markus Schulz: cool will try thanks
Israel Toledo: Deh Noizer Remix for me, many thanx
GO!DIVA: Deh Noizer remix for me
Worda: great dark
I1 Ambivalent: wonderfull techno! 5 stars
Mat TheZone: so so good! this one too on the-zone show!
Morgan Tomas: Supports tx!
Spark Taberner : Dope tracks, wll throw Deh Noizer’s remix! 3phazegenerator: Brilliant EP. Full Support.
Nicolas Oliver: Rebel To Anything (Deh Noizer Remix) for me! Support!
Patrick DSP: nice stuff
Michael Schwarz: Will test it… Thanks.
Concrete Djz: downloading for concrete djz, thank you!
Kereni: Andreas Florin did a killer of rmx, nice one!
Mattias Fridell: Rebel to anything sounds ace, would play all these tunes with Scouts In Bondage
Dj Gemma Furbank: Great package, Dark Industrial!
Dj Link: Very good EP. Deh-Noizer for me.
Snello: Rebirth is massive
DL-E: Rebirth and Deh-Noizer Rmx for me. Thx.
Overlook Hotel : will defn play these
Peder: cool!!!! The Rebirth and Deh Noizer remix are my favs!!! great start of this NF project!
A-brothers: great release! will try this out thx!
Spiros Kaloumenos: Deh-Noizer rmx for me ! thanks
Lars Klein: nice
Dave The Drummer: great dark techno grooves
Luke Creed: support nice EP
88uw: all tracks good

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