NF001 Deh-Noizer – Unconscious Reactions

Release date: 2nd February 2012

Catalog No.: NF001

Feedback Report:

Andreas Florin: top tracks!! support!
Dj Infusion: Quality techno as always..!
Deh-Noizer: Enjoy and thank u all for the support !!
Delko (promos): Very nice album! Congrats!
Albert Kraner: great work from one of the best italian techno artists!
Electrorites: Big Album!Great start for this label!
DL-E: AWESOME ALBUM! Support! Thanks
Overlook Hotel : great stuff.will defn play.
Samuli Kemppi: Broken Atmos for me, nice track.
Mtd: Really nice! will use some of these for sure! thanks
Tosi: Cool stuff ! thx
Torsten Kanzler: nice tracks, thanks
Sebastian Groth: Yeah, good work! thanks
Israel Toledo: charged my favorite, i will play it, thanx
Robert Grand: GREAT! Full support – THX
Sasha Carassi: Very good,support!
Vegim: Great tracks. Face to the Ground is my fav. Thanx
Kereni: Really hard to pick a favourite one, great work from Deh Noizer!
Michael Schwarz: Face To The Ground is great… will use it… THANKS!!!
Morgan Tomas: Full Supports, all stuff are well done!
Dj Gemma Furbank: Great package, some cool Industrial sounds..also loving the vibe with Wormhole. Charged and Face To The Ground rock. Great work
Mat TheZone: great great great!
Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Peder: massive work from Deh…. Introvert, Feelings Selection and Extincion for me…. big big up!!!
Cortechs: interesting sounds, will download to listen in detail!! thanks for promo!
Mas Teeveh: Introvert, Changerd, Extinction, Face to the Ground are great…. …but Wormhole is simply outstanding.Massive job Deh.
Nightmare Factory Records Unconscious Reactions Feedback Report
GO!DIVA: Nice diverse ep
Marco Asoleda: big package..thx for promo
Spark Taberner : Great tracks, I will definitly use Charged and Face to the ground. Full support!
A-brothers: deh-noizer is on fire. this album reflect how hard he work on techno. we really love all the tracks and we can’t wait to spread the world with this amazing sound! thanks
Mattias Fridell: Deh Noizer done some wicked tracks here, cheers.
Rene Walther: sick tracks huge bomb !
Nick Cenik: ‘Charged’ for me!
I1 Ambivalent: lovely darkness from Deh Noizer… nice drive in these broken beats… thumbs up for this album.
Flawer And Nick Borsato: Nice Dark Techno Album!
Worda: massive !
Lance Blaise: Will try these out. Thanks
Dr. Hoffmann: Quality album, i am loving most of the tracks!! Full support. Thanks
Dubfire: downloading for Dubfire,thanks!
3phazegenerator: Brilliant EP. This guy is on Fire!!! Bomb tracks.. Full Support
Patrick DSP: digging face to the ground.
Luke Creed: Great Album, Live, Radio & Chart support
Concrete Djz: supported, downloading!

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