NF020 C-System – Iceland Incl. remixes by Oliver Kucera and Electrorites

Release date:
10.02.2016 (2 weeks exclusive on Beatport)

Feedback Report:

Albert Kraner : Nice EP,”C-System – Svartifoss (Original Mix)” is my fav!
Aleja Sanchez : Thanks, Oliver Kucera Remake is my favorite!
Bruno Ledesma : Seljalandsfoss for me!
C-System : !!!!
Cave Djz : Great package full of weapons! Cheers
Christian Bonori : C-System – Gullfoss (Electrorites Distortion Mix) is my favourite
Dario Sorano : Great one thx
Daz Furey : Some bangerz on this one!
Diarmaid O Meara : Impossible to pick a favourite here… Top release!
DifferentGrooves : Dettifoss (Original Mix) thanks for sending!
Dj Fernanda Martins : Good one!
Dj Gemma Furbank : Wicked!!! Full support guys.
Dj Ogi : Great ep!!! Support!
Dorian Gray : Nice Ep! I like Oliver Kucera Remix & Electrorites Distortion Mix. Thanx a lot!
Dr. Motte : Solid Techno! Downloading “Svartifoss! for Dr. Motte, Thanks
Drumloch : Both electrorites Remix for me , but cool originals _ thx
Frank Savio : Dettifoss (Electrorites Remix) for me, thanks!
Gabeen : All tracks very good, love it ! thank you
Gayle San : Gullfoss -original it .
Gina Cifre : Distortion Mix sounds bad ass
GO!DIVA : Really like Dettifoss original and remix, also the Skogafoss (Oliver Kucera Remake) is great!!
Hardom : Massive ep! I love it! I will play for sure! Thanks
Hellboy : Support ! Hellboy.
John Mitchell : Svartifoss original is a banger, also Oliver Kucera remix is nice !!! Will play both on Death Proof Techno.
Joseph Capriati : Downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Juliana Yamasaki : LOVE IT! will play for sure!!
Justin Schumacher : kucera remix is rockin. great EP
Kerstin Eden : Gullfoss (Original + Electrorites) & Skogafoss (Oliver Kucera Remake) are bombs! Thanks for the music!
Krischmann & Klingenberg : Solid stuff!
L.A.W. : Electrorites Distortion mix for us. Thanks
M.i.t.a. : Thanks will test Electrorites distortion mix!
Mark Greene : Huge tracks!!! Thank you!
Markantonio : Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!!
Marrel : Great fantastic EP , all tracks are awesome, also remixes! good job!
Mat The-Zone : Thanks for the music! Download for The-Zone 88.9fm Radio Show Check for future playlist
Matt Mus : Gullfoss Electrorites Remix is my fav
Michael Lasch : Great EP!!
Microcheep & Mollo : Great one!
Miki The Dolphin : It works! thanks
Niereich : Electrorites Rmx for me. Thx for the music
Niklas Venn : Solid stuff!
Paula Cazenave : Nice release, will play it sure. Thanx!
Peat Noise : Fat!
Richie Hawtin : Downloaded for r hawtin
Rick Maia : Many thanks!
Saimon : What a bomb! thanks for this journey into techno music,very hard to says the best, all works are masterpieces
Sam Paganini : Nice! Downloading thanks
Sintek : The e.p.’s totally crazy, but the Electrorites remix of 1″Dettifoss” made my day. Hard but sophisticated tune.
Slam : Cool grooves thanx
Spiros Kaloumenos : Great job !
Stefano Infusino : Quality originals and remixes! will try them all! thx
Steven McDonagh : Nice work.Thanks!
TKNO : Nice release!
Veztax : Always good to get package from c-system …thx
Vincenn : Wow massive.. so strong! Many Thanks

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