NF010 Deh-Noizer – Feed The Hate Inside

Release date: 25th January 2013

Catalog No.: NF010

Feedback Report:

Albert Kraner: Great sounds,great tracks great EP as usual from Deh Noizer! full support!
Yari Greco: Great sound for Deh Noizer.
De Hessejung: powerful..great works..thx
Torsten Kanzler: all tracks are perfect for my playlist. thanks
DL-E: Solid EP. Despise is the one to go for me. Thx
Concrete Djz: Great ep , tnx
Dr. Hoffmann: wow, what an EP! Will play all three tracks for sure. Bammm. thanks
3phazegenerator: Solid EP
The Clairvoyants: Metastasis is the one but a strong EP on the whole – Full support!
GO!DIVA: This EP is AWESOME!! All tracks are great, but Despise and Metastasis are bombs!!
Kereni: Metastasis for me, thx.
Mat TheZone: full support
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Dj Gemma Furbank: Dark, Tech, Noise! loving this package
I1 Ambivalent: excellent work !
Robert Grand: Great EP! Thank you
Tex-rec: Metastasis is the language that i’m understand. Deh Rock’er , il support this one.
Dj Infusion: Dark and dirty.. This is getting played live…
Patrick DSP: always a favorite. thanks.
DKult: Great EP Fave Metastasis
Cortechs: Deh Noizer never disappoints..nice package!!
Israel Toledo: Nice ep. thanx
Lance Blaise: wicked track!
Danny Casseau: Despise for me!
Marco Asoleda: nice package..thx
Vegim: Great tracks from Deh Noizer again. Always quality
Dave The Drummer: Despise for me Dj Slot: Despise is my fav thanks
Subfractal: deh-noizer never dissapoints!!
A-brothers: finally good music here at powerlabel. will testing it tonight!!
Mike Humphries: always good sounds from this guy
Exploit: Wow! Nice sound support!

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